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World Youth Day Pilgrims come under attack from Leftists in Madrid (August 2011)

World Youth Day pilgrims were ridiculed, spat upon, intimidated and attacked in Madrid during the festivities this year. The leftists got particularly angry when the children started praying a Rosary.
The festivities were attended by 1.5 million pilgrims. Elements in the secular media sought to give the  impression that the number of leftists was greater than the number of pilgrims and that there was a mass outbreak of protests against the pilgrims. Here is a young person’s account of harassment and violence at WYD. This of course did not appear in most media organs as it would show the leftists in a bad light.
 The report below comes  from  Fr.Z’s Blog via Free Republic:
In Madrid during WYD the were no lack of twisted, benighted wing-nut protesters harrassing the pilgrims and young people.

One of the readers here has a daughter who was in the midst of the unrest the protesters caused. She wrote to me about her daughter’s description of what happened. I asked her permission, and through her her daughter’s to post the young lady’s account here, which I believe was posted on her Facebook page. I am anonymizing it for now.

The the reader and/or her daughter want to identified, they can chime in.

You might remember the photo I posted of the protests. The girl who wrote what follows was in one of the photos.

With some editing and my emphases:
We had been wandering Madrid all day, chillin

The boys were wearing their kilts so we got stopped for photos many times

One guy who stopped us said there was an anti Catholic protest in Sol so we went to check it out

There was this HUGE crowd of people so Seamus & Louise didn´t want to come check it out with us, they sat at a corner

We went in and people were shouting filthy slurs and cursing the Pope and it was awful

So we knelt down and prayed a Rosary for them in the crowd and got surrounded by angry protesters, shouting and threatening and spitting and filming us and mocking us and trying to burn our flags.

A gay couple came and made out in front of us but whatever

Anyway, Dominic made us stand up because he felt threatened so we finished our Rosary standing but on the last decade, a fight broke out right next to us between the Catholics who had been standing behind us and and the protesters so some of the other Catholics lead us out of the crowd.

We went back and dropped our bags with Louise and this time Mim stayed back so it was just Me & Dominic & Greg & Billy who went back and prayed a second rosary on the side of the crowd and we got more of the same, people getting up in our faces screaming

We were met with a couple more of Juventutem but they left after we finished our second Rosary before one had an emotional breakdown.

Everyone left but the group I just mentioned above and we chanted BENEDICTO, BENEDICTO and VIVA PAPA and waved our Papal flag and so on up against the police line

Lots of people yelled at us still

Then, the police line broke and they charged at us and we had to run for our lives a little more urgently than after our Rosary

Then the riot police came out and beat the ___ out of the protesters

At least one guy lost a WYD pilgrim from his group in the crowd and a lot of medics showed up… A lot of people got lost & hurt
The cops wouldnt let us take the metro there so we went off to find a pub
That´s BASICALLY what happened
Expect more of this in the future, dear readers.

This is the cloaca secularism and even the liberal Catholic agenda brings us, allied as it is with secularism, because it undermines Christian values and therefore respect for human freedom and dignity.
Start think about this sort of thing every day.
Start getting used to the idea.

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