Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peru-Iquitos:El Huambrillo home for disadvantaged children needs help

Jadwiga Domka arrived in Iquitos, Peru from Poland as a volunteer and is now co-ordinator of El Huambrillo, a home for disadvantaged children, all of whom have been abandoned. At present the home cares for 22 children aged between 2 and 17 years, but if it were capable, could care for many, many more.
The children at El Huambrillo represent a small number of the hundreds of young people in need in Iquitos. Due to great poverty and to the drug and alcohol related problems of the community, there are a great number of disintegrated families with children suffering physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Some children have been abandoned and try to fend for themselves on the streets. Others are sent out by parents each day to beg from passers by. Such children are welcomed at El Huambrillo and sometimes children are referred to the home by courts or the police. Sometimes social workers or neighbours bring them.
Jadwiga runs the home virtually on her own, with only the assistance of a part time cook. This is an amazing commitment. The children love her and there is a great spirit in the group. El Huambrillo is a very happy place. The children, despite their backgrounds, are full of laughter and fun and games. They obviously love and respect Jadwiga and regard her as their mother in the El Huambrillo family... Continue reading at Catholic Mission

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rainywalker said...

A very caring and worth while project to give these disadvantaged children a chance to have a life, grow tall and blossom.