Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New York Democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter's hypocrisy on abortion

New York Democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter used outrageous language- unbecoming of any Representative-while speaking to pro-abortion  supporters at a rally last Thursday. She was talking about the budget battle with Republicans and the debate over GOP proposals on abortion when she made the following statement:
This is probably one of the worst times that we've seen because the numbers of people who are elected to congress. I went through this as co-chair of the Arts Caucus. In '94, people were elected simply to come here to kill the National Endowment for the Arts. Now they're here to kill women.
This is the lady who decried the use of intemperate language in the aftermath of the shooting of Democrat Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

In a further smear:
She also likened Republican efforts to prohibit federal funding of abortion except in cases of rape, incest or where the life of the mother is endangered to actions taken by Nazis.(CNS)
So Republicans who wish to the defend the right to life of the unborn  are accused of being "here to kill women". Sadly logic is not one of Slaughter's strongest points. Ireland where abortion is illegal has the lowest rate of infant mortality in Europe. Abortion kills women and children. Women die in botched  legal abortions. Many more die from  the after effects of abortion. Ms Slaughter should investigate the high levels of breast cancer  in women who have undergone abortions.
Women who have their first pregnancy aborted have five times the chance of having ectopic pregnancies. (Gentles 1990, 77.There is also a greater risk of infertility. Ms Slaughter might care to take a look at Post-Abortion-Syndrome. Suicide rates are higher for women who have had abortions than for those who do not.

Now Ms Slaughter also introduced the Nazi smear. The Nazis murdered 6 million Jews. Abortion agencies in the US such as Planned Parenthood have murdered 52 million unborn babies since Roe V Wade. The abortion clinics are the modern day concentration camps where the unborn are murdered. She would do well also to remember that Hitler was a great rabble rouser. Her rabble-rousing comments have escaped censure in the liberal pro-abort media. Surprise,Surprise.

Really Ms Slaughter should  do the decent thing and resign.


rainywalker said...

The government of any country in the world should not fund abortion. Anyone who uses Nazis and killing when speaking of abortion and funding are just playing to the Socialist networks; ABC, NBC, CBS, US Public Radio and CNN. They are crazy as Hogan's goat.

John Barry said...

I agree wholeheartedly.