Thursday, April 28, 2011

Canada: Iceberg Climbing in waters off Labrador

DISCLAIMER: This video depicts an extremely dangerous activity: iceberg climbing. Posting this is NOT an encouragement to any individual to attempt this under any circumstances. (NB this footage contains some foul language.)

Watch as iceberg climbing enthusiasts risk their lives just for the thrill in the waters around Labrador. Those who attempt this are highly likely to be killed as the icebergs can roll or break apart as the climbers make their ascent.


rainywalker said...

Interesting but very dangerous. We used to fish in the winter in an ice house on Lake Melville in Labrador. Never could see far enough out where the icebergs were. Beautiful people and area.

wild gypsy said...

That is just seriously beyond whackadoodles. I'd love to be able to make videos of that quality though.

wild gypsy said...

Oh gosh, I am laughing so hard. Sorry but I can't stop.