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USA : Rockford’s Abortion Mill-A Woman's Horror Story from the killing centre

Rockford, Il- By James- After spending hours inside N.I.W.C. (Northern Illinois Women’s Center), Rockford’s abortion mill, a young woman came out and shared with pro-lifers what it was like inside the killing center. A long interview was then done on videotape; in order to protect her identity, we will not show her face but will share with you some of her insights and opinions about what it was like inside a place where well over fifty thousand children have been brutally killed in Rockford.

For the purpose of this article, we will give the woman we interviewed the name “Alice”.

Everything below in quotation marks is a direct quote from the video testimony of this courageous woman.

* When Alice called to get an appointment at the mill, she was told, "Under no circumstances talk to the people at the driveway because they can be violent." It's interesting the very first thing Alice was told by the people in the abortion mill was a lie.

* The first thing Alice saw upon entering the clinic parking lot were the old vehicles owned by the mill landlord and she commented on how "extremely odd was all of the cars and truck they had blocking the parking lot" and the "strange woman" yelling at her from the house (This is the abortion mill landlord's girlfriend who yells at the mothers to abort their babies.)

* Upon entering the mill, she described going through long halls, up stairs, and she said, "I even saw boxes marked bio-hazard in the hallways."

* Then Alice commented on how once inside, "You can tell you're in an old school building which is kind of ironic because you're there to kill children."

* Once in the waiting room Alice was filling out paper work but not fast enough for the "rude" receptionist who reprimanded her, "I need your paper work." Then Alice said she felt "absolutely and without a doubt" they were rushing her, and "They did not want me to sit there and think about it."

* While in the waiting room Alice saw one young woman crying and asked her, "Are you OK." The response she got from the crying woman was, "No." She also noticed, "Another girl was so distraught she wouldn't look anyone in the eye."

* When a staff member took her back for an ultrasound, Alice told a nurse she was having doubts and wanted to see the counselor. One of the first things the counselor did was tell her, "I had an abortion." The young woman felt, "The counselor was trying to justify her own abortion by convincing me to have one."

* The counselor also told Alice, concerning the abortion, "I think you're doing the right thing."

* The counselor then asked her if it was "because of religious beliefs that she was having doubts".

Then the counselor began verbally attacking the Catholic Church, which is a common occurrence at this bigoted and hate-filled clinic.

* The counselor showed her a video, and then Alice said, "I was flabbergasted." In the video, "There were Christian Ministers and Pastors and one Rabbi saying it's OK to have an abortion - God will love you any way." In the video it said, "Nothing can separate us from the love of God including abortion... so it's OK." (It's interesting to note that this abortion mill that has such a public hatred for God and religion tries to use religion to encourage young mother to kill their children.)

* The young woman told us, "If I was having religious problems with an abortion, these ministers were going to help me feel good about killing my child. That it was OK."

* One of the things she asked the counselor was about the "fetus" inside her. The counselor told her, "It doesn't become a baby until the second trimester so you had better get this done."

The last thing this tenacious young woman told us was she was certain, "I clearly heard the sound of a baby cry in the clinic. That baby's voice will haunt me forever."

(It should be noted that NIWC does not allow already born babies and/or children into the killing center; they only allow the ones who are scheduled for execution. Is it possible Alice had heard a baby’s first and last cry for help?)

It is a tragic and horrific thing to learn first hand how the abortion mill pressures women to abort their daughter or son and how they use "wolves in sheep's clothing" to break down a woman's natural God-given aversion to killing the child in her womb.

All people of good will have the responsibility to stand against this coercive destruction of women and children's lives.

After Alice granted her interview, she sent us this final thought:

“Devil in the Old Schoolhouse”

I visited Hell today. I visited a place where evil truly exists and the devil shows himself in so-called healthcare workers. I saw young teens brought in by their mothers, brought in by their boyfriends. Some came in alone.

Through the girls’ eyes, I could already see the emptiness in many of these girls’ souls, and this was before their precious babies were ripped, limb by limb, out of their wombs. I could tell that the emptiness would be permanent, just like the death of their babies.
I met with the clinic’s counselor, who fought back tears as she told me of her own abortion. A grandmother now, it seemed as if she is trying to justify her own sin by helping girls commit theirs. As supportive as she was trying to be, it was obvious that she still wrestles with her own demons.

Sitting in a window-less room for hours, I watched girl after girl go into the back, some with noticeable baby bumps. About a half hour later, she would come back out, childless, forever changed. Sitting in that clinic, where over 50,000 innocent babies have been murdered, I heard a baby’s cry. For one brief second, I had hope- because I have always loved the sound of a newborn’s cry.

But then I remembered where I was. And whether that cry was a real cry from a partial birth abortion or whether it was God sending me a sign of hope, I cannot say. But it was real, just as all of those “products of conception” are real, human lives. And the sound of a baby’s cry among a roomful of young girls ready to abort their babies truly broke my heart.
The pro-choice crowd claims that Roe v. Wade liberated women in how they are able to legally handle crisis pregnancies. But I must say that I did not see a single girl or woman today who looked free or liberated. I saw fear, shame, and an overwhelming sadness because no matter what one wants to call the life growing inside the womb, it is life.
And somewhere, sometime, each one of these girls will realize that life was her daughter or son, and she was the one who caused that baby’s untimely death. And this realization will haunt these girls forever. Now, will the pro-choice crowd please tell me how the ability for girls to make this “choice” is liberating?

I visited Hell today, and I met one of the devil’s minions; he smiled at me between executing his murders. I trudged out of the depths of Hell relatively unscathed, but I certainly cannot say that for the rest of the girls with whom I sat today.
Reproduced by kind permission of Pro-Life Corner

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