Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is Our Lady's Miracle Baby- by Sergio De Paz

A few Sundays ago, I drove down to the Argentine meat market to get some beef for my wife, Olivia. As you know, Argentine meat is the best in the world, and I wanted to get some to make a small parrillada for my wife.

I selected some cuts of meat, but when I went to pay, I discovered that I had left my wallet at home. So, I called Olivia and asked her what she thought I should do. She said: "Sergio, come home and we’ll do something else. It’s no big deal."

Unexpected Meeting With A Friend
At that very moment, an old friend came walking out of the market. I had taken the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima to his home three years ago.

I waved and told him that I was very glad to see him. In return, he expressed his regrets and condolences over the recent death of my son, Sergio Jr. In fact, he was very moved by the news of Jr.'s death.

Then, I told him about my situation and how I had left my wallet at home. He kindly offered to pay for the meat. I said: "I'll send you a check in the mail." And he said: "No, this parillada is on me."

My Friend Confides His Secret

He then confided to me something amazing.

He said: "I must tell you a secret; my wife could not conceive a baby. To find a solution, we had ventured into some Pentecostal church that was recommended by a friend. In that church, you know, they don’t like the Virgin Mary."

"So when you brought the statue of Our Lady of Fatima to our home, I said to Our Lady: 'if you want me to believe in you, give us a baby.'"

"Well, my wife gave birth to our baby boy six months ago. Now, we are both very active in the Catholic Church."

Tell People About This Miracle

Later on, he told me, "Please feel free to pass along this story to as many people as possible. Because I want others who may be in doubt about Our Lady, to know that She is truly the Mother of God and She helps us in every need, great and small."

Well, in any case, I kept on trying to pay for the parrillada, but my friend would simply not accept payment.

Finally, he said, "By the way, I want you to know that we named our son Sergio, which is my middle name too. But I had not told you this before."

Mr. Ritchie: please pass on this story to all of our members of America Needs Fatima, for the greater glory of God and His Holy Mother.
Taken from America Needs Fatima website

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