Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Story Of Australian Woman who survived a saline abortion

They live among us but they weren’t meant to.
Of the one billion unborn babies killed since society decided abortion was a better choice than supporting women in pregnancy, a handful survive to speak beyond the womb.
Melissa Ohden is one of them and listening to her is spooky.
“We know there are far more of us – people like us,” Melissa told a small gathering in Canberra last week.

Sometime in the fifth month of pregnancy, a doctor injected a toxic saline solution into her 19-year-old mother’s amniotic fluid.
Five days later she was delivered and a nurse left her beside the bed.
Upon hearing grunting noises from the 3lb ‘corpse’, doctors were alerted and her life was saved.

Her medical records explain her existence this way: “Saline abortion that was unsuccessful”.
Melissa has met around 10 other survivors and says because of the ‘failure rate’ saline abortions have been ditched for more effective methods....
Read the FULL story at Australian ChristianLobby
Just remember: One billion unborn babies killed so far by the abortion holocaust worldwide. One billion= One thousand millions=1,000,000,000.

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