Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Virginia:Abortion Crosses Anger Planned Parenthood

photo via Roanoke Times

According to the Roanoke Times There were 729 abortions during 2008 in the areas between Alleghany and Roanoke counties, and members of Rainbow Forest Baptist Church commemorated them by staking the same number of crosses on a grassy hill the church owns beside U.S. 460 near Bonsack. This has angered Planned Parenhood. David Nova, the vice president for Planned Parenthood in Roanoke, is very unhappy. "The display is a mock cemetery," he said. "It likens abortions to killing. In many respects, it is mean-spirited and not redemptive."

Has this man lost his use of reason? Has he got no shame? Abortion IS MURDER. These crosses represent children tortured to death. Jesus Christ was tortured to death and crucified on Good Friday. These crosses are highly apposite. Abortion is the modern holocaust. The abortion clinics are the new concentration camps. The innocent unborn children have now replaced the Jews as the victims. Planned Parenthood amasses huge profits from the grisly business of abortion. Now Obama wishes to provide 11 billion dollars in the healthcare bill for taxpayer funded abortion.

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