Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Video: Huge Fireball Over Co. Meath, Ireland-February 3rd 2010

RTE reports the following:

Astronomy Ireland says a major fireball was spotted over Ireland at around 6pm this evening.
It says the rock from space was seen blazing in the air by people all over the country.
There are reports that the fireball has landed in a field near Crimlin in Co Cavan.
Astronomy Ireland says it is unlikely to have injured anyone as it would have slowed down when it hit the atmosphere.
Valentia Coastguard said it has had reports of sightings from people living in Mullingar, Limerick, Ballybunion and Bantry.
On Facebook reported : "It was seen blazing in the air by people all over the country and would have been traveling with the force of a small nuclear weapon. It is likely it has landed inland, but it is unlikely to have injured anyone. Although traveling at high speed when it was spotted, it would have slowed as it hit the atmosphere."


Urban_Underclass said...

Wow, thanks for posting John, since I don't follow the RTE news anymore (too right wing for my taste), I didn't know about this, and I'm a keen amateur astronomer.


John Barry said...

It is a fascinating video.

rainywalker said...

We have been bombarded from space likely from day one. There is proof of that on many planets and on our own. The universe does not belong to us and just because God gave us a brain and thumb will one day stop nothing. Many of those who think dollars and Euro will solve everything do not understand who really controls are destiny.

Urban_Underclass said...


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