Sunday, February 14, 2010

Medjugorje-The Gospa Oratorio Music:6 of 12 Tracks

This is taken from the Gospa Oratorio website. Make sure to visit it and listen to all 12 tracks.

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2.In Medjugorje


10.Meditation on Forgiveness

11.Thank You

12. Ave Maria

The music of The GOSPA Oratorio was written between October 2001 and May 2002
In June 2002, a tape copy of a final, computer-generated draft of the work was taken to Medjugorje by its authors, Mike and Phil Read-Shaw (the composer and librettist respectively).
'Voces Angelorum', the ensemble that performed on this recording of The GOSPA Oratorio, are:
•Jamie Mulgrew and her brother, Frankie Mulgrew;
•Mike Read-Shaw and his daughter, Emily Read-Shaw;
•Andy Summers and his wife, Helen Summers;
•Helen Waite.
Thanks are also due to:
•Maureen Flynn and her daughter, Dominique Flynn;
•Amy Morris
•Phil Read-Shaw, his wife, Carla, and their daughter, Camilla Read-Shaw;
Gospa Oratorio website