Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaza Suffering- Families struggle for food

Gaza residents talk about hardship; The UN will resume relief operations only after receiving guarantees on security of personnel from the Israeli army.
Locked inside the coastal slice of land, just 40 kilometres (24 miles) long and up to 12 kilometres wide, with next to no food getting in each day, 1.5 million people are battling to find enough to keep their families alive.


rainywalker said...

Just for argument sake how do we know this is not a media setup? During the trucker strike in the U.S. years ago the media did a setup in Oakland, Md [where my sister lives] and took most of the food and milk off the Safeway shelves. Then they rounded up a poor person who may have finished the third grade and she stood there in front of the empty shelves saying her children were starving.
Food water and medicine [1000's of tons] has been going into Gaza for over a week. Now Hamas is at fault for not letting it get to the people. Or this could be a media set-up.

John Barry said...

Whilst Israel may pulverise Hamas,it is losing the PR battle at international level. Most Israelis are not aware of this. The sight of dead Palestinian children has been severely damaging to Israel's cause. This has ignited huge anti Israel demonstrations throughout the world. If Israel is to defeat Hamas it must attempt to win the hearts of ordinary Palestinians. That is the difficulty-especially as Hamas wishes to destroy Israel.

Wild Gypsy said...

It is difficult to know which reports to believe. However, as the violence escalates it's fairly safe to assume that civilians will suffer as they are caught in the middle.

In most conflicts, the trends have been to target relief efforts and to use the population as political pawns. The UN is not well known for being the most effective vehicle for meeting the real needs of those caught in the middle. There are one or two NGO's who have been a little more sensitive to the realities on the ground.

rainywalker said...

A new report on Drudge reports that Hamas is "raiding the air trucks and selling the supplies." I agree about the children but am not there to count the dead. In Vienam the body count was overestimated to make the officers and NCO's look good.