Saturday, April 12, 2008

George Soros and Progressive Media in $40 million dollar plan to attack John McCain-Democratic attack machine gears up

Wealthy Democrats such as George Soros and real estate magnate Steve Bing are preparing a four-month, $40 million media campaign of attacks on Sen. John McCain. These attacks are designed to destroy McCain and are expected -by some Republicans- to plumb the depths of scurrility. The campaign will be led by David Brock, a former investigative reporter. Brock is the chairman of the new group Progressive Media USA. The new organization was formed after two earlier organizations, Fund for America and the Campaign to Defend America, failed raise sufficient finance to launch an all out attack on McCain. George Soros contributed $2.5 million to Fund for America. Progressive Media intends to continue its activities after the conclusion of the Presidential Election campaign

Attacks from this extreme left organization may backfire and are likely to scare off middle income voters. Progressive Media USA supports proposals from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to raise taxes and has a strong Socialist agenda.

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