Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How Conor Cusack overcame severe depression-a must read for anybody suffering from depression

Conor Cusack suffered from a very severe form of depression and came within minutes of committing suicide. In a blog post he describes the hell which he went through and charts the road to recovery. This is a salutary lesson for anybody suffering from depression and contemplating suicide. SUICIDE IS NEVER AN ANSWER.

I still remember the moment well. It was a wet, cold, grey Friday morning. I rose out of bed having had no sleep the night before. Panic attacks are horrific experiences by day, by night they are even worse. As I drove to work on my trusted Honda 50, a group of my friends passed in their car heading to college. They all smiled and waved and looked so happy.

I smiled and waved and acted happy. I had loved and excelled in school but it was the same with my hurling, it was the same with my friends, it was the same with my family, it was the same with the people of Cloyne, it was the same with life, I had lost interest in all of them. Losing interest in people was the worst. Where once I would have felt sadness at seeing my friends heading to where I had always wanted to go, I now didn’t. Something much larger, deeper, darker had taken hold of my mind and sadness, despair, hopelessness were not strong enough to survive alongside what I was feeling... CONTINUE READING at Conor Cusack's Blog

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