Monday, April 29, 2013

John Bruton is correct:suicide threat is not sufficient grounds for legislation

Ex Taoiseach John Bruton in an article in today's Irish Independent articulates the views of 90% of FG voters on this issue. Abortion is NOT a cure for suicidal ideation. Brian Walsh FG TD for Galway West has articulated similar views.

The former Fine Gael leader proposes an alternative way to handle the legislation, which does not involve catering for the suicide grounds. "The only way out of the present dilemma is either to address the medical decision-making process relating to physical threats to the life of the mother, but leave suicidal intent out as a ground for abortion, and let anyone, who wants to test the present constitutionality of this aspect of the X Case, apply directly to the courts; or an option I do not favour, have a constitutional amendment to remove the equal right to life of the unborn from the constitution," he says. "Some may argue against these options on the ground that the X Case is settled law, and thus is a reliable basis for proceeding with legislation to allow abortion where suicide is threatened. I believe this is wrong." Irish Independent

FG backbenchers can cripple this proposal by banding together as a group and standing up to the liberal clique of Reilly, Shatter, Fitzgerald and the Labour party. There is strength in numbers. 20/25 TDs can bury the suicide proposal. The FG Party could not deprive 20/25 TDs of the party whip. Any such attempt would put Kenny's job on the line. Reilly would be toast. FG is a Christian Democratic Party. It is not a secular humanist organisation. It is time for Enda Kenny to stand for Christian Democratic principles and stand by the promises made in Phil Hogan's letter in the course of the 2011 general election campaign. If Kenny cannot do this then he should do the honourable thing and resign. Kenny, Reilly, Fitzgerald and Shatter have created this mess by ignoring the wishes of most FG supporters. It is a monumental misjudgement to allow abortion as a "solution" for suicidal ideation. Kenny has failed miserably to stand up to Labour on this. He is thereby weakened as leader.

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