Saturday, June 23, 2012

RTE Drivetime:Olivia O'Leary comments on Enda Kenny too personal (19-06-2012)

Olivia O'Leary's commentary on Enda Kenny on the Drivetime programme this week leaves much to be desired. Of course she is entitled to her opinions in relation to Kenny. We live in a democracy. However this week she over stepped the mark. The personal tone of some of her remarks leaves a bad taste. She was condescending and belittling. The use of the term "duracell bunny" is gratutiously insulting. The use of the words ventriloquist, puppet and dummy in the commentary further lowers the tone and is geared towards belittling Kenny as it leaves an indelible imprint in the listeners mind.

It is risible to listen to her criticism then of Kenny's performance in the Dail. Some opposition TDs have been highly personal with Kenny. There was no mention of that of course. O'Leary would do well to realise that sarcasm does not a commentator make. It is the lowest form of wit. It is unchristian. One gets the impression from the intonation of her voice that she believes that she is the fountain of all knowledge. Olivia you are not God. There was a major error of fact in the commentary just proving that you are fallible like the rest of us.

Strangely for one so opinionated and acerbic she appears incapable of outlining PRACTICAL solutions to Ireland's problems. On the other hand maybe it is not so surprising. It is all too easy for commentators like O'Leary to mouth platitudes and write colour pieces. It is much more difficult to come up with something constructive. There is an increasing tendency in SOME sections of the Irish media to get personal. There is a Dublin Four intellectual snobbery which is directed at rural politicians. It seems O'Leary has been infected by the Dublin Four virus.

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