Friday, June 22, 2012

Ireland: US Pro Abortion Group targets TCD and University of Limerick, Graduate Medical Schools

There is now a declining number of trained abortionists in the US and Canada. 57% of abortion providers are over the age of 50 testament to the success of American pro-life groups that are increasingly winning the public opinion battle to expose the slaughter of the unborn. Medical Students For Choice pro-abortion group which has been active in the US and Canada has turned its attention to Ireland. Now this pro-abortion group has begun recruiting at TCD and the University of Limerick Graduate Medical Schools. It intends to bring Irish medical students to the US where they will receive first hand training to perform the killing of unborn babies (abortion). It has further plans at Ireland's-other medical schools in Cork, Dublin and Galway- to recruit young students and turn them into future abortionists (baby killers). It also aims to have abortion procedures included in medical school curricula.

This organisation is funded by thirteen wealthy US foundations. Interestingly enough one of these is Roth Family Foundation. Its website bleats on about a desire to "help others who may be less fortunate, to protect freedom and human and civil rights." Sadly the Roth Family Foundation is helping to fund the destruction of the unborn child in its mother's womb. In short it is funding the trampling of the human rights of the unborn contrary to its stated aims to protect human rights.

The annual income of Medical Students For Choice rose from €571,000 to €1,821,000 in just one year. It is linked to Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America. It makes no secret of its intentions. Its mission is "Creating tomorrows abortion providers and pro-choice physicians." Its website boldly proclaims in capital letters "WITH YOUR SUPPORT, WE CAN CONTINUE TO CREATE TOMORROW’S ABORTION PROVIDERS AND PRO-CHOICE PHYSICIANS". Irish pro-life organisations like Family and Life intend to oppose this sinister organisation which hopes to provide a cadre of trained abortionists in Ireland in anticipation of the legalisation of abortion.

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