Monday, May 14, 2012

Ireland:American Chamber of Commerce Ireland calls for YES vote in referendum

Why Vote Yes:

A Yes vote is another important step on the road to economic recovery.
A Yes vote, above all else provides Stability. Stability in terms of the nation's finances; on Ireland's ongoing role as a committed member of the Eurozone and in terms of our commitment to following a defined path to recovery. This stability is a prerequisite for global corporations making strategic investment decisions and will help protect Ireland's reputation as the preferred gateway to the European market for overseas investors.
Ireland is the gateway to Europe for over 600 US businesses. These companies have invested $190 billion here and provide valuable employment to 100,000 people.
It is vital that we maintain international confidence in Ireland's position at the heart of Europe and our market access to 500 million people.

Yes Vote on the Fiscal Compact Treaty will:

Voice Ireland's on-going commitment to Europe
Organise the Eurozone economy in a way that is 'pro-growth'
Tell investors that Ireland will remain a Gateway to Europe
Encourage fiscal responsibility for Eurozone governments
Yield further investor certainty with access to the €500b European Stability Mechanism
Ensure confidence in Ireland's ability to restore growth
Safeguard Ireland's economy against future economic downturns
Source: American Chamber of Commerce Ireland

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rainywalker said...

A vote yes is for the future of Ireland and it's youth.