Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beautiful: Pro-Life Poem from baby to mother says "I'm sad you'll never get to see my face".

Mother what is this I hear you say, If I could talk I’d tell you it’s okay I may not be born yet but I have ears I’m only young but can sense your fears
I cannot see you yet but I do have eyes. Mother I hate to hear your lonely cries. I know you’re feeling afraid and sad, I know your plan makes you feel bad.

But don’t feel bad mother please don’t cry, I understand that you’ve been told a lie All in the name of your choice and right, my life is destined to lose its fight

I wish that I could make you see that life will work out fine with me They’ve told you that this is not the case, I’m sad you’ll never get to see my face

But in the end I’ll be okay , it’s you I worry about when I’m taken away You may feel pain in your body and soul, what has happened to you is bound to take its toll

Despite all this mother you now have a mission, to tell your story and make them listen To tell them how you’ll never forget, how you feel now and how you regret

I hope that in some way you can be strong, to say the words abortion is wrong To say you know because you were there , you saw first hand the lack of care

The lack of compassion , the lack of joy and how you found out that I was a boy I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, I’m okay now mother it’s for you I feel sad

I know that everyday you feel sorry, but you are forgiven so do not worry If you can warn mothers about what you’ve gone through, you may have the power to save a life too.
Aoife Pedreschi

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