Sunday, November 6, 2011

Medjugorje Visionary Marija Pavlovic at Verona November 5, 2011

(fotoservizio di giorgio marchiori)
Looking edegant in a black suit, Marija  immediately catches the attention of the audience which she addresses with a smile: "Through my testimony the intent is to convert everyone." Long applause greeted her on her arrival at the altar. A group of children offered white and red roses. Marija said to one of them " I will put them down as a gift to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to tell her that we want a world of good and  that we want to dry her tears with many basins."

Marija placed the roses at the foot of the statue of the Virgin where there were a few baskets of folded cards with the intentions of the faithful. Marija invited the  audience to continue in prayer- "We are the outstretched hands of God.”

Silence set in at 17.50, preceded by a long Sshh that interrupts the prayer. It is the moment of the awaited hour. Marija Pavlovic, one of the six visionaries of Medjugorje, in front of the statue of the Madonna, holding a rosary in her hands, talks quietly with the Virgin. There are around five thousand participants at this time in Verona Sports Palace to share faith and prayer. All three intense minutes melt in prayer to the Virgin . At the end of the apparition Marija, with great  simplicity, goes to take her place in front of the microphone

"So many people I met were far from God," said Marija, "away from the sacraments. But when they had the courage to put God first in their lives, everything  changed.
Because there is no future without conversion. Today it's all falling apart. If we no longer have God we no longer have hope. " It spares no barbs to lay and religious, "Let the politicians around the world listen. We are no longer upright.. Everything is based on "I give you if you give me." Too many politicians are compromised with drugs and prostitutes. And there's evil in the Church, where they discover incidents of pedophilia. Many times it seems that people are not saved anymore. But, thank God, we all have the possibility of a new life. This is why Christ has sent us his mother. Our Lady's messages are not new. They are already contained in the Scriptures. But the Lady wants to awaken us and change our lives from evil to good. "

Marija said people are invited to live a life respectful of others, without accumulating unnecessary goods, meeting the needs of the poor, the hungry children in the world, and respecting the environment in which we live. And remember, "says Mary, our life is like a flower. It wilts and dies . Perhaps we can live longer but the end is for all. Yet often we act like peacocks, chasing money and success. But everything passes. So accept the invitation of the Madonna. We must look to eternal life, and come to God with her pipes that bring fresh water in the desert of the soul. With her we become seers, her witnesses. Without her, we are nobody. "

Our Lady, Marija  concluded, "calls us because we become a blessed hope for the many people who are drifting. We want to be a prayer and hope for those who do not have any more hope. We want to be a blessing for the whole city, for all that abuse and broken families. I saw the Madonna in front of the broken families that have found the courage to say sorry. Jesus died for us and gave us his mother to give us hope and peace that should reign in all of us."
My translation (Via L'Arena-Helen Cardinals)

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