Monday, November 14, 2011

Italy: Medjugorje Visionary Vicka has Apparition at Corridonia on November 13, 2011

Two thousand people attended a prayer meeting with Vicka Ivankovic, the visionary of Medjugorje, who has been having  daily apparitions of the Virgin since  24th June 1981. The religious event was held in the industrial area of ​​Corridonia, in the company of spouses Pierluigi Enzo and Angela Silence who are linked the seer by a long relationship of friendship.

The Holy Mass was celebrated by parish priest Fr Luciano Montelpare, which turned especially to young people and recalled Pierluigi Gabriel, son of Enzo and Angela, who died last summer in a car accident. "A very good boy, who was able to stay away from the temptations of alcohol and drugs," said the priest. He said that Gabriel should be taken as a model.

Vicka Ivankovic  led the recitation of the rosary, inviting everyone present to intensify prayer, to practice fasting, to approach  confession, to receive the Eucharist and to read the Bible. Then there was the apparition. Vicka was praying before the statue of the Madonna, when she fell on her knees with her eyes turned up and started talking and gesticulating. Her face was lit by a smile. Then the seer described the content of the encounter with the Blessed  Virgin in which she stressed the importance of prayer for her plan reiterating its closeness.

The organization of the large prayer meeting was perfect.  A big screen was set up given the presence of many the faithful, outside the building. "The religious event - said the pastor of Corridonia, Don Luciano - was held  in an atmosphere of prayer, characterized by peace and serenity." Even in the past  when the family Pierluigi had organized meetings with  Vicka the response of the faithful was always great. The goal is to let everyone know about the existence of the apparitions. A phenomenon which  is  certainly very attractive.
According  to Vicka the Virgin Mary is especially concerned  for young people and families.
(Source:Corriere Adriatico-Daniel Fermanelli)

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