Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Lady of Kibeho: If Only We Had Listened DVD- A Superb Production

On November 28, 1981, the Virgin Mary began appearing in the tiny village of Kibeho, Rwanda. This was twelve years before Rwanda was devastated by a genocide in which one million people were slaughtered. The Virgin Mary came to Kibeho with a clear warning: “My children, it does not have to happen if people would listen and come back to God.”

According to the Kibeho visionaries Mary showed them horrifying prophetic scenes including a river of blood, people brutally killing each other, and abandoned corpses with no one to bury them.

If Only We Had Listened is a film by Sean Bloomfield (Queen of Peace Productions) and genocide survivor Immaculee Ilibagiza (bestselling author of LEFT TO TELL). It is narrated by Immaculee Ilibagiza

It is a film which will touch the hardest hearts (even atheists). It is just not possible to view this without being deeply moved. What was particularly shocking was the fact that even people who took refuge in churches were slaughtered and that neighbours could engage in such behaviour. This was Satanic. The meeting between Immaculee and the neighbour who killed members of her family was memorable. Here was forgiveness in action.
Interesting also that her father had given Immaculee a rosary beads as she fled. She survived under Our Lady's protection. This is an indication of the power of the rosary.

The missionary priest quoted in Time Magazine stated "There were no devils left in hell they were all in Rwanda". That illustrates the depths of depravity reached in Rwanda. Thankfully forgiveness has now taken root. The killing of one million people in Rwanda could have been avoided if only people had listened to the Mother of God in time.
The more gruesome scenes are tastefully done. This is a superb production. Anybody who views it will become a better person and move closer to God and His Blessed Mother. I highly recommend this DVD. It may be purchased HERE

"Then my children, you must offer forgiveness by asking God to forgive all those who have trespassed against you, all who have given you suffering, insult or injury. Forgive them in prayer and ask God to bless and help them"-Our Lady of Kibeho

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