Friday, July 29, 2011

Medjugorje Priest Father Svetozar gives pilgrim advice on prayer

A pilgrim has asked Father Svetozar (Franciscans of Medjugorje): "What can you say to a man who prays every day and he would like to pray in the family, but his family refuses to do so?" The Father asked, "Are you this man?". "Yes," he said. Then the Father said: " you are on the path of holiness." Our Lady gave this message several times on the mountain: "Now more than ever before, Satan wants to destroy your families. Therefore, dear children, pray with your family and pray for the families." This message is vital!.

Many pilgrims begin to live the messages on their return from Medjugorje, but some are faced with difficulties and sometimes lose the peace, when members of their families refuse to pray together. First of all, they do not (really) lose the peace! The peace of our heart should not depend on the behavior of others. But it depends on God, who alone can give us true peace in prayer. God is always ready to welcome us and bless us. Our durable witness for peace amid the storms, will bear fruit.

From the seers I learned a very valuable lesson in this regard: Our Lady asks us only to live her messages, to do our part. Pray every day at home  and you will play your part! Since we play our part we can stay in peace.. Jesus and Mary deal with it personally. This weight would be too much for us. But our total confidence in them is essential to hasten the impact of grace for the family. Holiday time is conducive to prayer meetings and prayer so that the miracles of conversion can be obtained. Our Lady will help us to take advantage of this time of grace!
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