Monday, November 15, 2010

Video: Medjugorje Inspired Pro-Life Art

JoAnne Von Zwehl describes how she was inspired to paint pro-life art as a result of a miraculous photo she took in Medjugorje. JoAnne Von Zwehl also wrote this beautiful pro-life poem

My Silent Plea (Pro Life Poem)

Today I had nightmare,
It was scary as can be.
From inside my mothers womb
I was taken so violently.
No longer would I live and feel Gods life in me.
I knew it was a nightmare.
That was not Gods plan for me.
He wove me in your womb.
So I may be a blessing to all humanity.
I feel, I touch, I am alive.
Mammy tell me it cant be.
Today I had a nighmare.
I would be taken from thee.
Let me stay another day.
Let me grow to be me.
God so loved me.
He gave me life.
Please don’t take my life from me

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