Friday, November 19, 2010

Ireland: Waterford Collr. John Halligan misrepresents FG policy

Wateford Today carries a report titled Colr. John Halligan to run as Independent.
"Independent councillor John Halligan declared his nomination to contest the Waterford constituency at the earliest opportunity. Whether it is the by-election which is pending or a general election.."

Ex Workers Party member Clr Halligan targets FG unfairly

His comments in relation to the FG party can be taken with a grain of salt.
He states "that in spite of all the promises about public radiotherapy by both the major parties Fianna Fail and Fine Gael it has not materialised."
His criticism of FG is nonsensical as FG has not been in power since 1997 (13 years ago). This is a fine example of silly politicking on Halligans part.
Would Halligan care to explain how FG could have provided radiotherapy for Waterford?
In relation to FG he is also quoted as follows:
"They had also just announced that they would cut 30,000 public service jobs which would devastate communities. He reminded the audience they were talking about gardai, nurses, care workers, and teachers."
This is more poppycock from the ex Workers Party member. The Workers Party is a far left political party.
Once more he MISREPRESENTS the FG position. The redundancies are to be achieved voluntarily and by natural wastage. NO COMPULSORY REDUNDANCIES are involved. The redundancies are targeted at administrative positions in the public service. Gardai, nurses, care workers, and teachers are SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED.
Halligan is all things to all men with plenty of populist sound bytes. He is a typical parish pump politician. He has provided no explanation as to how his plans could be funded. Does he support the   far left approach of a massive nationalisation of the means of production a la North Korea.
All and all this is a very poor start by John Halligan. Halligan needs to realise that the the neo-Marxist analysis  has long been discredited.  Extreme left wing policies offer equality of poverty. This is something for John Halligan to contemplate.

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