Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Video: Augusta State University Georgia orders Christian to change beliefs

Jennifer Keeton, 24, is studying for a degree in counselling at Augusta State University in Georgia. She has been told she will not be permitted to graduate unless she changes her Christian beliefs.She has been ordered to undergo a re-education plan involving “remediation” assignments and “diversity sensitivity training”. So much for freedom of religion for Christians in the US. This has echoes of the forced re-education programmes used by the Chinese Communist authorities to eliminate freedom of expression.

Clearly secular humanism is in the ascendant in the US. There is a concerted campaign by secularists in all states to eradicate the symbols of Christianity. There are allegations that Prof. Kenneth Howell of the University of Illinois was dismissed for simply repeating Catholic moral teaching on marriage and Natural Law.
Even the feast of Christmas is under attack. Are we seeing the beginning of a new religious persecution?
The Christian Institute has a full report on this.

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