Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ireland Mattie McGrath Election Song 2007: Rise and Follow Mattie

(Download QuickTime Player Here)

Rise and Follow Mattie was one of Mattie McGraths election songs for the 2007 General Election campaign. However the rebel South Tipperary FF TD also had another election song called:

Our Guy Your Guy Mattie McGrath

The South Tipperary constituency will see fireworks in the next general election campaign. It is likely that the second South Tipperary FF seat could fall to either Phil Prendergast of Labour or Seamus Healy (Independent). Thus either Mattie McGrath or Martin Mansergh will lose out. Mattie McGrath's opposition to the stag hunting legislation and dog breeding legislation must be seen in this context. He is unlikely to worry too much about losing the party whip. It is a case of man mind thy seat.

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