Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ireland: The FF/Green Government Must outlaw Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Very soon a life or death decision will be made by the Taoiseach Mr Cowen, the Minister for Health Mary Harney and the members of the Oireachtas. Right now the government is drafting legislation, which will decide the fate of the tiniest and most helpless humans of all. Pope John Paul II has called "embryonic stem cell research" "a new form of barbarity". Professors William Hurlbut of Stanford University and Robert George of Princeton University have proven conclusively that "embryonic stem cell research" is the killing of unborn babies.
All members of the Oireachtas should read the following article carefully:

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research is Obsolete(With Kind permission of UFI)

Ahhh…the irony is rich. James Thomson, the first scientist to isolate and culture human embryonic stem cells; the man who, back in 2005, told President Bush he was wrong about not allowing federal tax dollars to go towards embryonic stem cell research, the man who founded a biotech start-up called Cellular Dynamics International with the aim of taking cells from human embryos and turning them into human heart cells; has just purchased the first licensing agreement to use iPS cell technology. Mr. Thomson and his company are moving away from human embryonic stem cell research.

That’s right; the man who insisted that human embryonic stem cells were the future –not adult stem cells—has come to understand what those in the pro-life world have insisted all along. There is absolutely no reason to cannibalize human embryos when it is adult stem cells that have already been and still are producing positive results and cures. Now with the iPS technology, no one can claim that there is any reason to destroy human embryos to “advance science.” Go here if you’d like more details.

Actually, I’m a little surprised that the pro-embryonic stem cell world seems to becoming to its senses this quickly. It was just three years ago that a scientist
at Japan’s Kyoto University introduced the science of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells). These remarkable iPS cells behave like embryonic stems cells, but do not require the destruction of new human life. With iPS technology, you add new genes and protein factors to an ordinary cell (skin, bone marrow, etc.) and you duplicate the qualities of the so highly-revered embryonic stem cell.

Just last year, President Obama lifted former President Bush’s ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research claiming it possessed “the most remarkable potential of any scientific discovery ever made with respect to human health.” Did you catch that? Obama was talking about embryonic stem cells. Makes you wonder what Pres. Obama has to say now. Somehow I doubt it will be “I was wrong.” END

There are claims that "embryonic cell research" can cure cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. It is a scientific fact that that "embryonic stem cell research" has produced NO treatments and cures for disease. However research using adult stem cells-research that respects human life- has already produced 73 new treatments and promising treatments for illness and disease.

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