Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Video: Obama's HUGE LIES about Health Care debate LIVE on CSPAN

Eight times Barack Obama promised during the 2008 campaign to televise the Congressional health care debates. It had been anticipated that a conference committee consisting of representatives of both the GOP and Democrats-drawn from both Houses- would seek to merge the Senate and House Bills. On Tuesday, C-SPAN had sent a letter to Democratic leaders requesting that they be permitted to film and broadcast live the anticipated conference negotiations. However the Democrats have decided to freeze out the GOP and sidestep a public, formal conference committee and negotiate BEHIND CLOSED DOORS on a final version of the pro-abortion health care bill. Obama, Reid and Pelosi want taxpayer funded abortion as an integral part of the final bill and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Their giant egos are more important than the interests of the American people. The lives of the unborn count for nothing as far as Obama, Pelosi and Reid are concerned. This is a highly undemocratic move and seeks to hide the reality of the healthcare proposals from the American people. Full ventilation of the reality of the proposals would cause an even greater explosion in public outrage. The electorate can now take Obama's promises with a grain of salt.

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