Monday, June 29, 2009

Tehran Iran:Students and actor amongst those arrested near Ghoba mosque Tehran 28/6/09

Nariman Mostafavi member of Islamic society of Amirkabir technology university, and Tara Sepehrifar secretary of Islamic society of Sanati Sharif university were arrested.

Mostafavi and Sepehrifar were arrested yesterday around the Ghoba mosque located at Tehran Shariati street.Also, Reza Attaran comedian actor was arrested in front of the Ghoba mosque.More than 3000 people attended yesterday’s gathering. Police attacked the protestors with tear gas and arrested some.According to some reports at least 8 people were arrested yesterday.

A group of students at the Science and Technology University of Tehran held a rally on Sunday to mourn the death of Kianoosh Asa under torture..

Read full story at Revolutionary Road

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