Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brazil Video: Free wi-fi provided in Rio de Janeiro favela by state government

Favelas are beset by a multitude of problems: poverty, massive unemployment, hunger, malnutrition, inadequate sewage facilities, high infant mortality, low life expectancy and rampant crime. These are the negative effects of over-urbanization. These slums are at breaking point as more and more people flood in from rural areas. Generally the news is bad. It is nice to see that the Rio state government has introduced this pilot project to provide free wi-fi access for 10,000 residents of Santa Marta. The scheme will be extended in due course.


rainywalker said...

In Iraq my nephew requested razors so the prisoners could shave. They sent him flea powder and said they didn't need to shave, just kill the fleas.
It looks like Brazil will end up with poverty, unemployment, hunger, rickets, outhouses, death and crime, but at least know why.

John Barry said...

There is a very unfair distribution of wealth in Brazil. This is unlikely to change.