Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mike Huckabee is the true inheritor of the Ronald Reagan mantle

Mike Huckabee balanced the Arkansas state budget every year he was governor. It is a requirement under Arkansas state law that the budget is balanced. He faced a $200 million deficit in 2002, but ended his term with a $844.5 million surplus. That's a billion dollar plus turnaround. It was his desire that this money was returned to the people as a rebate or as a tax cut.

Huckabee is the true inheritor of the Ronald Reagan mantle. He supports the Fair Tax. In the words of Ken Hoagland Americans for fair Taxation spokesman “anyone who advocates for the fair tax is definitely a tax cutter and a tax reformer.'' Mike Huckabee is a true fiscal and social conservative.

Here are his views on the federal deficit:
I believe that our massive deficit is not due to Americans' being under-taxed, but due to the federal government's over-spending. Achieving and maintaining a balanced federal budget is an important and worthy goal necessary to our long-term economic well-being. To achieve a balanced federal budget, I believe the President should have the line-item veto.

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