Monday, December 3, 2007

Early Show - Huckabee interview 12/3/07

The results of the poll in yesterday's Des Moines Register show Mike Huckabee leading Mitt Romney by 29 % to 24% and provide further evidence that momentum is building behind his campaign. Huckabee’s strong anti abortion stance has attracted powerful Evangelical and Catholic backing. His support for the Fair Tax has won him many new admirers. He is a most accomplished media performer (as this video clearly portrays). He has a clearly defined position on all major policy issues. Mr Giuliani scores just 13% in the Register poll. Mitt Romney holds a small lead over Mike Huckabee in other polls in Iowa. However at this juncture the trend is towards Huckabee.

Mr Romney - has spent $US7million ($7.9m) in the state on campaigning, against just $US324,000 by Mr Huckabee. The Huckabee campaign needs financial backing urgently if it is to succeed nationally.

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