Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ireland-Church of Ireland bishop lashes failure to introduce abortion legislation

The Church of Ireland Bishop of Ossory, Right Rev Michael Burrows has attacked the "the systemic spinelessness" of politicians in failing to enact abortion legislation in the wake of the X case. Thankfully FG and FF strongly oppose such legislation. There is not one word from the Bishop about the right to life of the unborn child. Therein lies the problem for the world wide Anglican Communion. Increasingly Anglicans have sought to trim their Christian beliefs to accommodate the increasing secularism in Western Society. This path will lead to the destruction of Anglicanism.

There can be no accommodation between Liberalism and Christianity on the abortion issue.The systemic spinelessness-in relation to abortion-lies within some elements of the Anglican Communion not within the political system in Ireland. The vitality of the Anglican Church is being sapped by an insidious liberalism which ensures the church incapable of taking a firm stand on the abortion issue.

Dr Audrey Dillon of the Pro-Life Campaign said:"there is nothing 'hypocritical and ostrich- like' about seeking as a society to respect the dignity and humanity of the unborn child while at the same time putting supports in place to assist women in crisis pregnancy".
Any attempt to introduce limited abortion in Ireland would be the thin edge of the wedge. It must be firmly resisted.

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