Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fox News- Fred and Jeri Thompson interview on Hannity and Combes is a huge success

Fred and Jeri Thompson-together with their two young children- made a very impressive debut on Hannity and Combes. Sean Hannity was the interviewer.
Jeri is the perfect foil to Fred.
She explained how they met in line at a grocery store. Both emphasised the centrality of their two children in their lives. We get a picture of a happy family which is attractive to GOP voters and Independents and conservative Democrats. Jeri was quite shrewd in her pronouncements and avoided any personal attacks on political opponents. Instead she emphasised the plight of poor women in countries such as Afghanistan and the necessity for those women to have equal rights. She spoke most eloquently.

Fred spoke of his desire to make the world a better place for his children and for the next generation. He stressed his conservative credentials by mentioning the necessity for sound finances. He said that we must not eat the seed corn. He spoke of his determination to contain terrorism.

He came across as someone with strong conservative beliefs-in short a conviction politician who will not be deflected by criticism. This is in marked contrast to Hillary Clinton who flip flops on a regular basis.

In March Focus on the Family founder James Dobson had criticised Fred by saying "I don't think he is a Christian". Last night Thompson stated “I’m not going to dance to anyone’s tune.”
He said that he was very happy in his relationship with God.

This interview should boost Fred Thompson's poll ratings. He is a strong candidate who would more than match Hillary Clinton in debate. His innate conservatism is more attractive than Hillary's Socialism and flip flops.

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