Monday, July 30, 2007

Waterford -Cork SHC Quarter Final - Reaction

Reaction to the Waterford-Cork game has been hugely positive. Jim O Sullivan in the Irish Examiner referred to the game as "an epic Guinness All-Ireland hurling championship quarter-final". Michael Moynihan and Donal O Grady were similarly enthused.
In the Irish Times Tom Humphries states "Ah! A game which pushed up the heart rate and nourished the soul....The skills and commitment were remarkable but it was the character of the sides that lifted the match to the realms of the breathtaking....." Martin Breheny in The Irish Independent stated that "It was a fitting finale to what was the best game of the 2007 Hurling Championship so far, brimming with energy, effort and enthusiasm and decorated with the highest skill levels which enthralled the crowd all day.
In the circumstances, it would have been roughest of justice had either side lost."
Hopefully International TV channels will take an interest. There must be a huge international audience for hurling if marketed correctly.
According to ENN RTE does not have broadcast rights to stream GAA matches outside the island of Ireland, and the blocker ensures the match cannot be viewed on computers abroad, based on IP address.
Setanta Sports has acquired worldwide rights to broadcast GAA matches live outside Ireland.

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