Saturday, July 28, 2007

Irish Times-Clarification re Ronan Mullen

Thanks to Angelo for drawing my attention to the following clarification in todays Irish Times:
"Madam, - Your report of Rónán Mullen's Seanad election victory (The Irish Times, July 27th) claimed that Mr Justin Barrett, "a former Youth Defence spokesman", was among our supporters at the count centre. This is not true. Mr Barrett was never part of our campaign and to our almost certain knowledge he was not present at the count. - Yours, etc, Dr ANDREW O'CONNELL, (Rónán Mullen Campaign Manager), Lucan, Co Dublin. The error is regretted. - Ed, IT."
Angelo also states:"What a lie! I was at the count for 3 days and Justin Barrett was never there, not even for a minute. Ronan Mullen has no connection with him. Barrett is a fascist, Mullen is a Christian Democrat who attracted votes from right and left. He wouldn’t have been elected without transferred votes of left wing electors. Shame on the Irish Times."
I believe that Ronan Mullen will be one of the star performers in the Senate. He is more than the intellectual equal of Norris or Bacik. I have always regarded him as a Christian Democrat. As an NUI elector he represents my views on the abortion issue.

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