Sunday, January 24, 2016

" Catholics" for Choice: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong on Abortion

A pro-abortion organization that calls itself "Catholics for Choice" continues to mislead the public. Do not be mislead by its support for the Culture of Death. I have written to the organisation as follows:

On your site is the following: “he who acts against his conscience always sins.”-Thomas Aquinas. You seek to use that as support for your pro-abortion position. Your “logic” is fatally flawed. You must have an INFORMED conscience. The Fifth Commandment states that “thou shall not kill”. No ifs no buts. Abortion is the intentional killing of an unborn child. An INFORMED conscience tells you that you are breaking the Fifth Commandment. Your “logic” is deeply flawed in another respect. You state that “ he who acts against his conscience always sins.” So if your “conscience” tells you that it is right to harm somebody with whom you disagree, do you go ahead and harm that person?

Your stance on abortion is clearly incompatible with the Law of God and with Catholic Church teaching which are one and the same. Also you seek to equate the killing of an unborn child with the right to life of the unborn. That is clearly nonsensical. Since when is killing on a par with maintaining life. The use of the word choice is a euphemism that seeks to obscure the reality. The “right” to kill an unborn child may exist in Law. It is contrary to the Law of God.

This organisation was set up to confuse Catholics on the abortion issue. It is attacking Catholic teaching/ The Law of God on abortion. It misrepresents Thomas Aquinas. It is a secularist humanist anti- Catholic organisation. It is NOT CATHOLIC.

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