Sunday, January 11, 2015

Confession: What it is like for a Priest in the Confession Box

This is the most moving article that I have ever encountered on the topic of Confession. It is penned by college chaplain Fr. Mike Schmitz. He states that it is "the most joyful, humbling, and inspiring place in the world". Read the FULL article and you will find your fears of Confession assuaged. Here is an excerpt from the article:

I was once riding in a shuttle-bus with a number of older folks on the way from an airport. They noticed that I was a priest and started asking questions about it. “Do you do all of the priest stuff?” “Yep.” “Even the Confession thing?” “Yeah. All the time.” One older lady gasped, “Well, I think that that would be the worst. It would be so depressing; hearing all about people’s sins.” I told them that it was the exact opposite. There is almost no greater place to be than with someone when they are coming back to God. I said, “It would depressing if I had to watch someone leave God; I get to be with them when they come back to Him.” The Confessional is a place where people let God’s love win. The Confessional is the most joyful, humbling, and inspiring place in the world.

Read the full article Inside the Confessional: What Is It Like for a Priest? :

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