Sunday, July 21, 2013

Newsmax Article: Catholic Youths Travel to Rio to See 'Slum Pope'

Thousands of young Roman Catholics from around the Americas are traveling to Rio de Janeiro, taking dayslong bus trips or expensive plane flights that were paid for by baking cookies and holding garage sales, running raffles and bingo tournaments and even begging for coins in public plazas to see their beloved "slum Pope" on his first trip outside Italy as Pontiff. Pope Francis tweeted on Saturday: "Dear young friends, I know that many of you are still traveling to Rio. May the Lord accompany you on your way." On Friday he met for more than 30 minutes with former Pope Benedict XVI, who had originally been scheduled to make the trip, and gave him a copy of a program of the trip in case he wanted to watch events on television, the Vatican said.... Continue reading at NEWSMAX

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