Friday, June 28, 2013

Alan Shatter's outrageous abortion/rape comments on Ray Darcy Show

In a bloodcurdling comment Minister for Justice Alan Shatter says he hopes to be part of a Government that allows abortion for women who have been raped and for fatal foetal abnormalities(Irish Independent). An unborn child IRRESPECTIVE of how it was conceived is a human being. Shatter wants the unborn child executed for the sins of it's father. The rapist (father) of course will not be sentenced to death for his crime. So much for Shatter's "logic".

Is this not the same man who in 1993 called for a free vote on hare coursing? This was not granted by FG. Nevertheless Shatter went ahead and voted against the party on the issue but did not lose the party whip. He obviously places the lives of hares above those of unborn children. That of course is typical of liberals. They have more concern for animals than for the lives of unborn children. "I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born".-- Quote by Ronald Reagan during the Anderson-Reagan Presidential Debate in Baltimore (September 21, 1980).

On the basis that Shatter could buck the party whip in 1993 and get away with it, pro-life TDs who vote against abortion cannot lose the party whip. Over to you Mr Kenny!!! Is there one rule in FG for Shatter and another for pro-life TDs? Are you prepared to tear the party asunder because you refuse to stand up to Labour and the FG liberal clique of Shatter,Fitzgerald and Reilly?

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