Sunday, August 26, 2012

Italian Olympic Medalist Alex Giorgetti in Medjugorje "It changed my life and sport"

The famous Italian water polo champion, 24 won a silver medal at the London Olympics (gold at the World Championships in Shanghai in 2011). On August 24 he spoke to a meeting at Rimini. Before hundreds of young people, Giorgetti explained how, thanks to a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, his life has changed. And for the better.

The Italian champion said as early as six years, he was literally thrown in the pool by his mother, to learn to swim. He had success. But success is not everything. Alone it is not enough to give happiness. In fact, the desire that we have inside of us requires much more. So for Giorgetti the problems started : "I had it all - said the Italian champion - success, entertainment, women and cars and yet everything was going wrong.

Franca de Chiavari , a former classmate returned from Medjugorje and impressed him with the imprinted joy on his face. "All encounters with him and others made me understand why we are in the world and what I can do," says the Italian champion. They have shown that in this world you can be happy without being successful.

Back to the faith.

Thus the life of Alex Giorgetti changes. Immediately he makes a vow: "If we win in Shanghai, I go barefoot in Medjugorje." Here comes the gold. He rushes in without shoes to the Marian shrine. He discovers the prayer that still accompanies him: "In London, I and some friends were praying in my room," says Giorgetti , who is not ashamed to attend the Mass and the sacraments regularly. This has impacted on team mates. "Maybe at first some made fun of me and were skeptical - remember - but now look at me with different eyes.

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