Tuesday, February 21, 2012

US Presidential Election 2012: Why no Catholic should vote for Obama

Sadly the Democratic Party now represents the culture of death. This once great party has disgraced itself. Secularists increasingly dominate it.  President Obama is the most liberal pro-abortion President ever elected. Sure it is possible to find inconsistencies in the stances of Santorum, Gingrich and Romney and their supporters. Catholic supporters of Obama seek to justify their vote for a liberal pro- abortion President on the basis  that his Republican opponents may favour the death penalty. It is pointless muddying the waters by pointing out inconsistencies in relation to the execution of convicted criminals whilst being pro-life in relation to abortion. It is a bogus argument to justify support for a pro-abortion Democrat candidate. It is a grave sin to vote for a pro-abortion candidate. It is important to remember that a convicted criminal will have been found guilty. The unborn child is innocent and if aborted has been executed. I am opposed to the death penalty in all circumstances on the basis that an innocent person might be found guilty. The unborn would be much safer under a President Gingrich, Santorum or Romney. So would unborn children overseas.

This administration has pumped money into the promotion of abortion in Africa and elsewhere. When we meet Our Maker we will answer for this. We will answer for our sins of omission. It is time to end the abortion of 1.4 million innocents annually in the US. It is a grave sin to vote for Obama or any pro- abortion candidate of whatever political hue. It is time to end the abortion holocaust. It is time for many Catholics to drop the milk and water approach in relation to abortion. It is time to drop the red herrings, which muddy the waters. A vote for any pro- abortion candidate is a grave sin and cannot be justified. In addition we now have  Obama's HHS Mandate, threatening the constitutional right of religious liberty. This is another insidious attack on Christianity. No Catholic-indeed no Christian- worthy of the name should vote for Obama. Catholic  political apologists for Obama such as  Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and  Kathleen Sebelius seek to justify support for abortion on conscience grounds. They conveniently omit the key word informed. They are duty bound to have an informed conscience.
And no Mrs Pelosi it is not a  "conscience thing" for Catholics. It is an INFORMED CONSCIENCE thing for all Catholics  including you. Catholic voters should not allow themselves to be influenced  by these apologists.

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