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Amazing Testimony of Model Ania Golędzinowska at Medjugorje -December 2, 2011

During the pilgrimage to Medjugorje on the occasion of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Mirjana  on December 2, 2011,  I had the opportunity to hear the testimony of  Ania Goledzinowska
"I reached a point where I thought it over, it was all too easy to go to that fourth floor where I was," said Ania.

"I had everything, money, clothes, cars, just ask and I would get, but really what I needed no one was able to give it to me, that is Love." "One night - continues Ania - I had  recovered and was placed in a room in a very dilapidated condition.  I  noticed at my bedside the figure of a man not very tall , with a beard.  He several times shook his head without saying a word. It was as if to say: Ania, Ania, but what are you doing!

At the time I did not recognise him but now I can say that the person I was close to  at that time was Padre Pio! And 'he gave me the initial impetus for change.. But now that I see in the photographs I recognize him  well. "

Another interesting aspect of the testimony of this girl  was when she was told to have three attitudes: forgive, not judge and love.
Ania decided to forgive all those who  had caused [her] evil. She invited those present to make gestures of forgiveness, not to judge and to love.

[On June 25, 2011, the 30th anniversary of the apparitions in Medjugorje, the Association of the PURE HEART, was established  by Father Renzo Gobbi in Medjugorje. The first person to adhere to the guiding principles was Ania Goledzinowska , who has also assumed the responsibility to personally take care of the organization.]
She then spoke about  the Association for  Pure Hearts and pointed out that, on the occasion of the apparition of December 2,  she had asked for confirmation in her heart from Our Lady regarding this initiative, because lots of rings had been placed in a container  at  the Blue Cross , to be blessed. Well, just recently in the message Our Lady has referred to the pure heart when She said: "My children, only a pure heart, not weighed down by sin, can open up ..."
Ania has successfully interpreted this phrase as an encouragement to continue this work, which specifically aims to promote premarital chastity in young people.

 This is a  witness that warms my heart to Ania, whose beaming face  reveals the true beauty of a life full of a blossomed love of God.  A life that before was wandering in the darkness  but after having drawn from the vessel of mercy (Diary of St. Faustina Kowalska accompanies this stage of her life) is  now full of light and hope.

God works wonders in the heart of His creatures, and this story is proof. In her valuable testimony she  has also focused on the value of suffering.
To those who say that God does not exist because a good God would never allow women to give birth to children with disabilities or other conditions, Ania replied that: "Children with disabilities have the pass to Paradise. These people disadvantaged in body and mind have already paid the ticket to blissful eternity. They are given to us in families because through them  parents can also gain the right to Paradise. All suffering is important and precious in God's eyes. We are sanctified through the pain! Suffering is not a punishment but a gift that God gives to help us win the salvation of our souls! " Strong words.

"And God - continued Ania - continually speaks to us, gives us so many signs of His presence. Years later, reviewing the album of my childhood and adolescence, I realized even then God spoke to me, but I could not see the signs of His presence. In fact, among the many things that have remained from that period, I also found the Saint of Divine Mercy  (St. Faustina Kowalska ) that a relative had given me. Even then, Jesus was near me, but I, I did not see! "
(I have translated this from DALLA CARNIA A A MEDJUGORJE)

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