Monday, October 17, 2011

Tasovcici Refugee Camp, Capljina, near Medjugorje: Donegal pensioner cycles to raise funds for church

Photo: Brian McDaid 1610BD07
A Donegal pensioner will take to the saddle for charity this coming Wednesday. He wants to raise funds to allow poor families in the Tasovcici Refugee Camp, Capljina, near Medjugorje, build a new church.

Alphonsus Surplus from Letterkenny estimates it will take until next Sunday to complete the 140 mile trip to Croagh Patrick in Co. Mayo. He will then link up with other pilgrims who will also be climbing the mountain the same day.

As a keen cyclist, Alphonus thrives on the physical challenge. A familiar sight on the roads with his fluorescent yellow jacket and safety helmet, he has already completed many trips on his bike to religious sites including Lough Derg.
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