Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Italy: Apparition to Medjugorje Visionary Marija at Desenzano

Desenzano Cathedral was packed and there was  sweltering heat. Maria was visibly tired  after a tour de force at Tregnago on September 16th where she also had an apparition. There was great participation by the congregation.
After the apparition at Tregnago Marja Pavlovic, who speaks Italian well as her husband is in Monza, turned to the  many sick, crippled and suffering. She invited them to have faith and hope in a miracle: "Not later than two weeks ago, in Medjugorje, a man in a wheelchair for 15 years has stood up and started to walk. In a few days I will be in Latin America, where I  will meet a man who had a serious tumor  that he had  entrusted to  Our Lady at the time of the apparition. The tumour is now  healed. " The idea of ​​bringing  Marija to Tregnago came from Mario Zampedri, city councilor in the town of Val d'Illasi .  He said "We want to pass a message, especially to young people: the true God is not the money. There are many people who are sick and desperate, but they are not alone. "

Among the crowd was Mimma, a 36 year old  from Catania. She said  "As soon as I heard about this meeting, I asked my boyfriend to accompany me, even if he does not believe -  She says - I went over to the faith after some serious problems.  I discovered Medjugorje from television, then I bought several books. There has never been [anybody who went to Medjugorje], but who does not come back changed. "When you go you feel involved in something greater and find comfort," confirms Isabella, a lady from  Soave. (based on a report in  Corriere Del Veneto )

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