Friday, March 11, 2011

Irish movie star Sarah Bolger is not shy about her Catholic faith

Irish movie star Sarah Bolger is really cool. She has just turned 20, and is too young yet to “have it all”, but she sure has packed a lot into
her short life so far. And none of it has gone to her head.

I’ve watched a few TV interviews that Sarah did and she comes across as very friendly, happy and pleasant and with her feet solidly on the ground.

She plays Princess Mary in the TV drama, The Tudors, and starred as Mallory Grace in the movie The Spiderwick Chronicles. But it was her role in the film In America, when she was only 10, that first won her international attention.

Recently she was the cover girl for Life magazine, with a fashion photo-shoot and a long interview. But what really surprised interviewer Barry Egan, for some reason, was Sarah’s religious side. Grandparents Having herself introduced the subject of her Catholic faith, she gave the credit mainly to her grandparents on her mother’s side, recalling that she prayed every single night after they died.

“They were very religious,” she said. “I just wanted to be a part of it, and after a while I
decided that going to Mass was something I wanted to be involved in.” She goes to the 10.30 Mass every Sunday morning in Rathfarnham, and doesn’t miss Mass even when she is away from home.

To illustrate the point, she said: “I just finished filming in Montreal, and I still went to
Mass every Sunday.” More surprising, perhaps, is the fact that she has been a Minister of Holy Communion since she was 17. “For some reason I decided this is what I want to do, and I have kept it up,” she reflected.

And she explained: “I have blessed hands. I got my hands blessed by the priest and I amable to give out Holy Communion at Mass. It is lovely to be part of it.” I guess that even at this stage Sarah Bolger realises there is no point in “having it all” if you don’t have Jesus, the greatest treasure of all, in the centre of your life. And it is grasping that that makes her,and each one of us, a true star.
(source: Article by Anne Nolan in Alive Newspaper

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