Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ireland: Eamon Gilmore's idiotic comments concerning TV3 debate (8/2/2011)

Today when asked about the decision of FG leader Enda Kenny not to participate in the TV3 debate Eamon Gilmore made a snide remark concerning the FG party. He said, "It is not the first time that we have been left on our own to face FF". He was of course referring to the bank guarantee vote.

However Mr Gilmore failed to state that Labour did line up with FF to form a coalition government in 1992 having harvested votes on a strong anti FF platform. The same Labour Party supported a tax amnesty for the rich, which FG opposed. It seems Mr Gilmore can be very selective with the facts.

"Mr Angry" is strong on rhetoric and weak on substance. Our Eamon rides the populist tiger. Recently he declared that “It’s Frankfurt’s way or Labour’s way,” as he denounced the IMF/EU bailout deal and pledged that his party would renegotiate it. So Labour on its own is going to renegotiate the deal is it? Has the man lost the run of himself?

Certainly every effort must be made to renegotiate the deal. Otherwise a default looms. However such rhetorical flourishes are to say the least quite silly. Negotiations are best pursued behind closed doors.
Gunboat diplomacy is counterproductive.

Don’t rule out a Labour/ FF coalition after the general election. Gilmore's family background is FF. Now he himself was a member of Sinn Fein the Workers Party and the Democratic Left before joining the Labour Party. Notwithstanding this it can be argued convincingly that Gilmore contrary to much of his rhetoric comes from the FF wing of the Labour Party. Indeed most of his harshest criticism during this campaign has been directed at FG. Looks like he still has a sneaking regard for FF.

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