Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ireland:Labour Party TD Ciaran Lynch's hypocritical posturing on leaders debates (27/1/2011)

New FF leader Micheal Martin has demanded a series of three way debates involving himself, FG leader Enda Kenny and Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore. Enda Kenny and FG have ruled this out and demanded  a series of  debates  involving leaders of the five main  parties. This would include John Gormley (Greens) and  Caoimghin O'Caolain (Sinn Fein) also. Kenny is not prepared to be dictated to by  Martin. Cork South Central Labour Party TD  Ciaran Lynch was quick out of the blocks today to attack the FG position.  To put it mildly Lynch  is engaged in hypocritical posturing.

Labour had consistently condemned the fact that up to now it was excluded from such debates. It is now in the happy position that it is included. However  it is perfectly happy to see other parties excluded.
 Labour is  running scared of Sinn Fein which is eating into its left  flank. Ciaran Lynch of course wont admit to that.

A five-leader debate no doubt would show differences between FG and Labour. However it would also show up differences between FF and Labour and between Labour and Sinn Fein. In  short it would show differences between all five parties.
Much is made of these debates in the media. However it is well to remember that great leaders are not necessarily great debaters. Sean Lemass was not a great debater. Nevertheless he  had a successful tenure as Taoiseach. He recognised his limitations and deferred to TK Whitaker on economic matters.
It  is time for people such as Ciaran Lynch and the Labour  Party to focus on policy.


Anonymous said...

Of all the Irish political parties, Labour is the one I dislike the most.

While I tend to disagree with them, at least Fine Gael are honest about what they believe in.

Fianna Fail are what they are, populist and power hungry, but everyone knows that. Sinn Fein are much the same just a bit more left wing.

The Greens are green, as in naive bumbling fools.

But Labour are fifth columnists. Pretending to be left wing, socialist even, but always supporting the right. Stealing votes from the left and then discrediting the values they pretend to represent by constantly selling out to the right wing agenda (most recently Lisbon and facilitating the passing of the Finance Bill, the latter so they don't have to make the cuts themselves and can blame Fainna Fail for it if they get into power). Sneaky Snake from Wanderly Wagon springs to mind.

Many of their leadership were part of a group if remfomists and careerists who destroyed the Worker's Party (a flawed but sincere attempt at creating a real left wing alternative in the South (something different and more sinister in the North)).

They are right to be afraid of Sinn Fein and the United Left Alliance.

Their problem is they are not scared enough. Among the real left the Labour Party has no credibility anymore. In a short time (a few months at best, a few years at worst) everyone will know what a bunch of lying, self interested, careerists the Labour Party leadership are.

Roisin Shorthall's recent description of other left-wing parties (ULA and Sinn Fein) as ragbag really showed their true colours.


John Barry said...

Thanks for a fascinating insight into left wing thinking. Does Eamon Gilmore live in the real world? Labour has no hope of being the largest party. Labour seems to be targeting FG more and more. To many FG voters it's beginning to look like Labour could go into coalition with FF after the election. I now have grave doubts about Labours intentions.

Anonymous said...


I have no doubts about Labour's intentions, power at any cost.

Remember 1992 when Labour did an about face and went into government with Fianna Fail? That could certainly happen again (Howlin wanted it last election).