Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Medjugorje Visionaries Mirjana and Marija condemn Abortion at Masnago (Italy)

A huge crowd of believers turned out on Sunday afternoon at Masnago in Italy  for the visit of Medjugorje visionaries Mirjana Dragicevic and Marija Pavlovic. They brought a simple message that: prayer and fasting are absolutely essential-the first daily, the second two days a week. This is what Our Lady wanted since the first apparition on June 24,1981.
Mirjana said that the pilgrimage to Medjugorje is a must for those seeking faith, in order to  look inside and look for hope. Even Protestants are visiting Medjugorje Mirjana said. She said that they had also seen people from Hollywood too, kneeling on the stones, even with tears in their eyes.
Mirjana recounted the early days of the apparitions during the rule of the Communist regime.

Mirjana said "Our Lady does not speak of "non-believers" but speaks of "those who have not yet found the love of God." They are his children, Our Lady's eyes are filled with tears at the thought of what awaits them. From the lack of faith there are many evils, warned Mirjana: Wars, suicide, abortion, separation. However we need to pray. When you lose respect for the priests, it is lost for the Church, and with time, for His Son.  She said that we need to pray for priests." Mirjana stressed that abortion was hated by Catholics as an absolute moral evil.

Marija stated that "Our Lady calls us all to holiness". She said that the earthly life is like a flower. Now here but gone tomorrow. We may reach up to a hundred years of age, but if we do not believe in the eternal, everything is in vain. Marija spoke about the culture of death. She said we are creating a worse world. Because of abortion many say no to life. Find me a politician who is pro-life and against abortion. Lets have the law of God. She spoke about the evil of euthanasia.  She said that even in our culture we have Hitler.
She said "In Medjugorje, the revolution has begun, not for the communists, but for God.

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