Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spineless Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson Sells Out the Unborn in Shameful U-Turn on Abortion

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska stated today that he will become the pivotal 60th vote that Democrats need to pass a government-run health care bill. He had promised not to support taxpayer-funded abortion. Unfortunately today he guaranteed support for a bill, which will provide taxpayer-funded abortion. In short he has sold out on the unborn. His support for the bill ensures an explosion in the abortion rate.

Nelson declared his support for the state-run health care bill at a press conference Saturday morning after he reached a deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on abortion and other unrelated issues. As part of the deal to win Sen. Ben Nelson’s support, the federal government will fund Nebraska’s new Medicaid recipients. It’s a provision worth about $45 million over the first decade.” (Chris Frates, “Ben Nelson’s Medicaid deal,” Politico, 12/19/09). Two pro-abortion senators Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat, and Patty Murray, a Washington Democrat praised the compromise. This is proof positive that the deal is inimical to the interests of the unborn.
This is a shameful u-turn by Nelson on abortion
. He now joins Sen Robert Casey Jnr in support for the bill. The late Governor Robert Casey, Senior said

Nothing could be more foreign to the American experience than legalized abortion. It is inconsistent with our national character, with our national purpose, with all that we've done, and with everything we hope to be.

Sadly Sen Robert Casey Jnr has dishonoured his late father's memory. Not one Democrat Senator had the political backbone to stand by the unborn. Not one Democrat Senator is prepared to stand by the Law of God. The Democrat Party supports the culture of death. It has taken the side of Satan.
Casey and Nelson are political hypocrites who claim to suport the unborn but who by their votes will ensure an explosion in the abortion rate.

The abortion "compromise" does NOT contain languages similar to the Stupak amendment approved by the House which restricted government funding of abortion. Instead, the compromise allows states to opt out of providing abortion coverage through the exchange and adds further layers of accounting requirements. Unfortunately, the citizens of any state that "optsout" will not be exempt from paying federal taxes --which will be used to fund the plans that do cover abortions in other states.The bottom line: contrary to longstanding policy, the federal government will be forcing YOU to subsidize private health insurance plans that cover abortion --resulting in the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade (StopTheAbortionMandate)

LifeNews.Com carries the following:
The new compromise does not ban abortion funding but merely allows states that don't want to force taxpayers to fund abortions to opt out of doing so. Otherwise, taxpayers would still be forced to finance abortions with government funds.

Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, issued a statement blasting the Nelson-Reid proposal.

“No back room deal can change the fact that this is a fatally flawed bill. Make no mistake about it, the Reid bill will allow federal tax dollars to be used to fund abortions," he said in a statement sent to

“It is extremely disappointing that so many Democrats have chosen the wrong side of history and put politics over the will of the American people. My colleagues and I will continue to do all that we can to ensure the American people have enough time to know what is in this bill, and we will do everything in our power to stop it,” Cornyn, who is pro-life, added.

Sen. Tom Coburn, a pro-life doctor and Republican, agrees.

He said it is “absolutely fictitious” that the Nelson-Reid language bans abortion funding.

“The negotiations, whoever did them, threw unborn babies under the bus,” Coburn said, according to a report in The Hill.

“The abortion language in this bill funds abortion for the first time since 1977,” added Sen. Sam Brownback, a Kansas Republican. “We are told this is a pro-life bill. It is not.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, noted that he stood by himself on Saturday to announce the compromise.

“He couldn’t find one group to stand by him and validate what he was saying,” Graham said.... Continue Reading

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